The possibility of improving your immune system and benefiting your health

Recent studies show that exosome treatment could have great benefits for human health. Chief among these benefits is the power to repair damaged tissue, the ability to stimulate the immune system, and its role in sexual health and the treatment of lung conditions. Additionally, it has found great use in antiaging and hair loss treatments around the world. Thus, doctors and patients around the world are discovering the possibility of boosting the immune system through the use of exosomes.

What are the benefits of exosomes in the immune system?

In a recent article, Beverlie Baquir and Robert EW Hancock commented that stromal Mesenchymal Stem Cells play an important role in regulating the immune system. What’s more, via intracellular communication, these cells modulate the secretion of exosomes, which are related to cells that make up the defense system. In fact, T lymphocytes and dendritic cells are able to absorb and secrete exosomes. 

And there are many studies which have confirmed that exosomes contain an abundant quantity of proteins and NRA, including mRNA and microRNA. This only serves to further confirm the capacity that exosomes show to fortify the immune system– mainly because it is known that microRNA is able to modulate immune responses. Additionally, several different studies indicate that microRNA can control the function of receptor cells, which are associated with cardiovascular disease, cancer, and sepsis. 

What are Exosomes? | Therapy with Cellgenic Flow Exosomes

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Benefits of exosomes against hair loss.

For a long time, PRP has been used by physicians around the world for patients who are presenting with hair loss. Indeed, it is thought that treatment with exosomes could have even more implications for hair loss. Primarily, this is because the exosome product generally has a higher concentration of growth factors when compared to PRP. 

Exosome therapy and lung health.

Several studies now are also indicating that exosome therapy can be used for the treatment of pulmonary diseases. This is primarily thanks to its capacity to stimulate regeneration within tissues, as well as the healing of scar tissue in wounds and damaged areas in the body, aside from its powerful antiinflammatory properties and ability to boost immune health. 

Benefit your sexual health with exosomes.

Exosome therapy offers great benefits in sexual health, as much in women as in men. Its application in women can increase sensitivity and lead to better orgasms. At the same time, it could also lower symptoms such as incontinence. 

With men, this procedure could stimulate the development of new blood vessels, leading to improved circulation in the penis. As a result, this would allow the patient to maintain his erection for a longer period of time, and therefore achieve greater sexual satisfaction. 

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