Exosomes: Everything you need to know about this new therapy

everything you need to know about this new therapy

Exosomes: everything you need to know about this new therapy

Stem cell-derived exosome therapy is an effective and safe way to relieve chronic pain, leaving behind the need for invasive treatments, such as surgery or drugs with undesirable side effects.

What is exosome therapy?

Normally our cells release substances through envelope-like structures called vesicles. Exosomes are a type of vesicle produced especially by stem cells (mesenchymal cells).

In essence, these small messengers transport crucial molecules or substances, such as signaling proteins or genetic information from one cell to another in order to modulate or generate a response.

The aim of these vesicles is to enhance nerve signaling between cells to reduce the inflammatory response, while at the same time stimulating cell regeneration and modifying immune reactions to pathogens and other diseases.

Why do exosomes relieve pain and inflammation?

With aging, our reparative cells lose some of their ability to respond. Some environmental factors, genetic alterations, or chronic diseases, such as autoimmune disorders and Lyme disease can also interfere with or alter signaling between cells, leaving them unable to mediate inflammation and repair injured tissues.

The main goal of exosome therapy is to modulate both T cells and NK cells in the immune system. Both cells are critical for a balanced immune response, but when that balance is lost for multiple reasons, the result is often an immune imbalance that causes pain and chronic inflammation that is difficult to manage.

These vesicles work by regulating the activity of these cells. For example, when a joint is affected, exosomes are responsible for sending regulatory signals only to the altered cells to restore their normal function.

Therefore, exosomes play a leading role in the regulation and repair of damaged cells and tissues.

What does this new therapy consist of?

The exosomes are administered through an injectable solution that is applied to the affected area. In a single milliliter of solution, there can be between one and 16 billion exosomes. The dosage will depend on the patient’s needs and the therapeutic plan elaborated by the specialist.

Advantages of exosome therapy:

  • The entire process occurs on an outpatient basis.
  • It is not invasive, nor does it require anesthesia.
  • It does not require previous preparations or a long period of inactivity for recovery.
  • As it is a substance identical to the biological ones, it does not generate adverse reactions.

However, after treatment, it is necessary to avoid anti-inflammatory drugs, high-impact activities, or cardiovascular exercise for at least the first two weeks.

The results of the therapy depend on the patient’s age, condition, and severity of the condition. As we age our body deteriorates and responds slowly to signals from the cells, therefore in some cases the results are not immediate and several sessions may be necessary to achieve a noticeable improvement.

Where can I receive treatment with exosomes?

Currently, regenerative medicine is already being applied in different parts of the world.

In some places, the intervention and any other regenerative medicine procedure are certainly more cost-effective.

At Cellular Hope Institute we perform exosome and stem cell therapy in Cancun, Mexico. One of the most affordable and cost-effective locations for patients.

Our team will help you with:

  • Scheduling therapy dates.
  • Booking airline tickets.
  • Providing hotel recommendations: many hotels are located next to the hospital.
  • Arranging door-to-door transportation during your stay in Cancun, including assistance from and to the airport, hotel, hospital, and anywhere else you would like to go during your stay.
  • Accompanying you from and to the hospital and answering any questions along the way.
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